Mooreville UMC Leadership Team

The following committes for 2020 were elected by the Charge Conference on 11-11-2019.
Chair of Council – Jay Elliott
Vice-chair of Council – Jackie Rich
Treasurer – Judy Davis
Financial Secretary – Mary Jane Huber, Georgia Atkinson
Church Secretary – Dee Elliott
Lay Leader – Carrol Huber
Lay Member to Annual Council – Peggy Ford
Recording Secretary – Ann Phelps
Assistant Recording Secretary – Brittany Cheyne
Membership Secretary – Mary Jane Huber
Sunday School – Small Groups – Carmen Sampson
Youth Special Events  – Georgia Atkinson
Staff Parish Relations
  Connie Easley – Chair
  Mike Nehring
  Britney Cheyne
  Norma Kidd
  LaNette Mirick
  Mike Kleibrink
  Russell Easley – Chair
  Terry Brinkerhuff
  Bobby Neumann
  Jackie Rich
  Richard Elliott
  Fred Finch
  Dennis Cheyne
  LaNette Mirick
  Mike Davis
  Ryan Ford
  Dawn Smith
  Jacob Neimeyer
  Nita Wuebker
  Gerald Rich
Lay Leadership/Nominations
  Kevin Diggs – Chair
  Jackie Rich
  Tonya Ford
  Mary Jane Huber
  Georgia Adkinson
  Cecelia Neal
  Robert Morrison
  Kevin Diggs  – Chair
  Russell Easley
  Norma Kidd
  Jodi Butler
  Fran Niesen
  Nita Wuebker
  Ann Phelps
  Jeannine Harding
  Christopher Orr
Evangelism and Membership
  Jan Elliot – Chair
  Jeanine Harding
  Bobby Messer
  Linda Kleibrink
  Elaine Parker
  Dee Elliott
  Gene Howard
  Lois Freerman
  Fran Niesen
  Gayla Morrison
  Martha Fuller
  Annise Finch
  Jay Elliott
  Candice Moore